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February 9, 2013
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[END] PMDe Graduation Photo

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 9, 2013, 9:52 PM

Collaborations - Closed by SweetDukeCollaborations - Closed by SweetDukeCollaborations - Closed by SweetDuke
Update logs

:star:Update 5 Mar 2013
- The project reached 75/100 capacity and it is still OPEN!

- Please be reminded that there are 20 more days until we hit the deadline!

- We might go beyond 100 spaces given there are more than 100 entries at the end of the deadline

:star:Update 20 Feb 2013
- We have reached 50/100 capacity and the project is still OPEN. Keep up the good work! :D

:star:Update 17 Feb 2013

- Please remember to put a link to your team app in your entry! We would like to log that.

- If you would like to include another character , that is fine AS LONG AS it is really small like Joltik or other small Pokemon. Please consider giving opportunities for other deviants. :)

- If you would like to work with a friend, that is fine! You could work on your respective character and then stick them together before giving them to me. Though, please link to their respective team apps for me in the entry.

:star:Update 16 Feb 2013

- Anyone's submission, given you have a team app for PMDe, will be accepted. Though, please put as much effort as you could. It will be unfair for other participants if you only submit some 10 minute scratches.

- Every entry should be fully colored and it must include full-body painting of a character.

- All the entries are accepted first-come-first-serve.

- All the entries at the moment are logged here:…


Slydragoon16 by Haychel: Hey, everyone. It’s me, Sly, here.

PMDe’s second birthday is just around the corner and since Haychel and I are such big fan boys of the group, we thought it would super awesome if we made something HUGE for the group. However, we need all your help to put it all together! What do we want? We want you, of course!

That’s right; we need YOU for all this to work! We need the folks that have been fans of PK’s great PMDe and have dedicated time and effort to creating fabulous feats of creativity. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hardened Mission 1 veteran or are just starting off on your adventure, WE WANT YOU!

To say happy birthday to the biggest and most fun-filled group on DA, we’re out trying to make graduation photo of Tao’s fabulous Pokémon and we want you lot to be in it!

[COLLAB] PMDe Graduation Photo by Haychel

See this! We want you guys and girls in there. Yup! We want to see your smiling faces in there with us to show tribute to what truly is an awesome and inspirational group. What we need you to do is to let your artistic talents shine and draw ONE of your characters for us to paste into this awesome! Yup! That’s what we need ya’ll to do!

It should be simple enough for most. Just remember to give it your all, because there is only space for about 100 of you. (It's flexible though, but 100 would be enough) Places may be going fast, so make sure you get in quick! Don’t rush drawing your character, though. This is PMDe, we’re talking about. So remember to give yourself time to do the best you can.

Now! Haychel has laid down some guide lines for you all to follow. So read this FAQ and read it well!

How should I draw my character?
Your character must been drawn within a suitable size limit and it must be a full body portrait. You may use the already provided characters as a guide to how big your character should be here:

Also, please keep in mind the proportions of the pose they make.
You can check the sizes and proportions by using this:…

Do you only accept digital artwork?

Haychel would prefer you to submita digital artwork, but traditional artwork is acceptible as well. Please ensure that the edges of your character are clean and that they are placed on a transparent background. This is exceptionally important if you decide to use traditional mediums.

How many characters may I submit?
You may submit ONE character. One character per person. We want as many people as possible to get a chance to submit a character, so we must restrict it. This is collaboration and we want to see an equal effort from everyone.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is set on 25th of March, 2013. Haychel would need some time to fix everything, after all. Please be considerate with the time and try your best not to submit your arts in the last minute.

Can I draw my friend’s character for them?
Yes, you may. But keep in mind that you are only allowed to make ONE submission. You must chose to either submit ONE of your friend’s characters or ONE of your own. You may not submit both.

May I commission an artist to draw my character for me, then?
Yes, you may. However, only they will be able to submit it. You will not be credited for the contribution to the artwork since it is not your work.

What would you consider to be a large Pokémon? May I submit one?
Anything over 1.5m or 5ft, we will consider as large. We will accept large Pokémon, but please be considerate. We would like to include many Pokemon and larger Pokemon will cover up a lot of space! If you really want to include a big Pokemon, ensure it can fit within the canvas reasonably well and that its dimensions can fit. We also currently have room for ONE Wailord character, if you so much wants to have this big monster there haha. Though, be aware that larger Pokemon will be pushed farther to the back.

I want to submit a flying/levitating Pokémon.
Of course! We are accepting those, too. However, we only have 5 spaces available for them. They will be fitted into vacant areas like somewhere in the sky. It will be announced when these spaces are full.

I want to submit an aquatic Pokémon.

Yup! We have room for them, too. They will occupy the pond/pool that you see in the lower right hand corner. Like flying types, we only have enough room for 5. It will be announced when these places are full.

So, is this first-come-first-served?

How do I submit my character?
To submit your character, upload the image to your stash or your DA profile, if you want. In the description of your submission, please provide a link to the team application from which your character comes from. Once you have done this, paste the link that leads to your submission into a comment on this journal. We would also appreciate it if you helped spread the message of this journal so that people won’t miss out.

I’m not a popular artist. Will my submission be rejected?
This is not a popularity contest. Provided that there is room and that your art meets our specifications, you will be featured. All applicants will be subjected to the same guidelines. Nobody is above anyone else, here.

:iconballoondivider1::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider4:Welp! That’s pretty much it. If you have any further questions please note me :iconslydragoon16: You may ask your question here as well, but we would prefer it if the comment section of this journal were kept clear for those that are submitting their characters.

Thank you and best of luck to you all!


:star:2014 Commission information
:star:Print shop
Commission progress: Trello
Past commissions



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Logged. Thanks again for your contribution!
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I really have trouble making transparent pictures in SAI ... So that means I have to use a different art program TT^TT
Haychel Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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is there more spots open? cause I would like to join this if it's ok. here's my pic [link]
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